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Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

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T2P42 - Budgeting Bind

Twopence Tuesday, same but different. It’s been a two-week break, and whilst these blogs don’t write themselves it does feel good to be...

T2P41 – Job Hopping

Tuesday Thoughts! We’re already at March and closing in on Q1 for 2022. There’s only been one thing worth discussing this past week, and...

T2P39 – My Worst Enemy

Monday Motivation! Happy Valentines, is love in the air today? Last week I watched Tinder Swindler and crikey! If this is what love is...

T2P38 – Race & Recruitment

Monday Motivation! Valentines is coming, as one of my friend’s kept going on about and so is the return of the premier league after what...

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