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T2P18 – Quarter Life Crisis?

Monday motivation! It’s a new day and week, with plenty of opportunities for us to dictate how it will unfold. Over the last week I’ve begun to listen to ‘The Mindset Mentor’ podcast, on episode 2 they explain that we’re responsible for everything that happens in our lives. Whilst some may disagree, we’re undeniably responsible for the majority of what happens in our lives.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand

This has been a good week for TV, over the weekend I saw a favourite show of mine ‘Ted Lasso’ win several well-deserved Emmys. Michaela Coel also won an Emmy for her writing of her moving series ‘I May Destroy You’ on sexual assault. Friday saw season 3 of Sex Education come out, and by yesterday I’d finished it. One of the several quotes that stuck with me was “I’m not as young as I used to be.” Last week’s blog on Burnout Blues offered me an opportunity to do some reflection on where I’m at with my work, health, family and friends. Last week I also celebrated my birthday, so this also offered me an opportunity to really delve on those reflections. I’ve approached these reflections through a project management lens, splitting them into 3 types; what went well, what went poorly and even better ifs.

What’s gone well?

As I’m getting on in age, I’ll keep my lessons learned to what has occurred since my birthday last year to this year’s. One immediate success that comes to mind was the achievement of great project management qualifications in the forms of Prince 2 and Prince 2 Agile. I am currently undertaking my studies of Managing Successful Programmes, so that should be another success to reflect on next year. This last year has been really good for me trying out new things, which has included being part of interview panels, a really insightful experience. On my birthday I got to follow up on FJ’s top tips and view the JR Chronicles Exhibition, I also tried out my first hotpot, which I’m now looking to make a habit of. This falls into another highlight, which was to continue to step out of my comfort zone, I wrote about how I leapt out of it in my skydive post too. Professionally I also too further steps forward, I secured my new job a few months ago and my participation in the Bridges programme helped hugely with that. Through my time on the programme, I was challenged to improve but also take stock and develop a career plan, which helped to capture my goals and formulate the steps I need to take to achieving them.

What went poorly?

This wouldn’t be much of a crisis if I only focussed on my successes, my first two areas of concern link with my last success on having a plan. I’ve found the pace of progress in attaining some of my goals to be too slow for my liking. I discussed my experience of failing my driving test, which was definitely not planned for, something that would’ve been wiser done a few years ago. Alas, I’ve been reminded that patience is a virtue. Since Drake dropped Certified Lover Boy, I’ve found myself listening to his discography more. These quarter life quibbles arise from what he and Trey Songz say in Successful

“I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful,

I want things to go my way, but as of late of it goes sideways”

It’s been challenging to take every detour smoothly, especially when they prolong reaching my desired destinations. This last issue shouldn’t come as a surprise, I’m very tired of this pandemic despite it’s insistence on remaining a focal point. This has derailed a lot of plans and continues to make it difficult to plan in both the short and long term with the ever-changing traffic system.

Even Better Ifs (EBI)

One of the major hurdles that has arisen from the pandemic has been travel, as a result this has been put on ice for the most part for me since March last year. The latest messaging is that PCR tests for vaccinated people will be dropped by October 4th. That’s welcome news, but it’d be even better if a solution that also saw the end to restrictions as this limits the travelling experience. Another EBI that I’m keen to work on this year is further improving my discipline, especially waking up early, since it let’s me get more out of my days. I’d also love for time to slow down, I find myself blinking and we’re already back to Monday again! That, coupled with the pandemic has left me feeling short changed of some prime years, I’ll be having to explore a deferral of them. My last EBI is to really review my 4 burners, as my friendship burner took a dip with lockdown, which presented some opportunities elsewhere bur I’m keen to find a balance which allows work hard and play hard.

Reading back through this, I’m assured life is good, it’s been a progressive year, with a lot more steps taken forwards than steps back. This latest birthday was a bit surreal as I did have to embrace that whilst I’m far from old, I’m not getting any younger. Last October, I was able to see Quarter Life Crisis by Yolanda Mercy in theatre in the new normal settings. It was a really engaging, amusing and compelling watch as she conveyed the speed at which life can flash by. With that being said, the onus is on me more than ever to take responsibility for how things go today, next week and next year. This last year more than ever, I’ve had people say to me comments along the line, that I’ve got it figured out, which I can’t help but smirk at as I can’t help but think that there’s still so much more I’d like to achieve before I could say that about myself too. If you’ve gained anything from this blog, I hope it’s the way to structuring a general lessons learned. They’re applicable to all milestones personal or professional, and some TV show suggestions for this Monday!


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