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T2P21 – Career / Performance Coaching

Happy Monday! It’s a new week to take another step forward, be that in gym, work, or other endeavours. Last week saw the completion of the Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund purchase of Newcastle United, with many concerns being raised that this is an attempt at sportswashing. Focusing on the sports aspect, I am interested in how this move will transform Newcastle, the transformation ahead could see them return to being a highly competitive team sooner rather than later. Lately, I’ve gotten back to watching Billions (if you’ve been looking for a show, you’re welcome!), and one aspect of the show that’s stood out to me is the career/ performance coaches and their impact, to push people past their own mental barriers. I touched on coaching in my blog on career aids, and I’ll be deep diving them further in today’s blog.

If you’re into boxing, there’s a great chance that you caught what was a terrific conclusion of the Tyson Fury & Deontay Wilder trilogy. Prior to the second fight Tyson Fury changed his coach as he was now looking for another direction in approach in his fighting style, the results were evident in the second fight where Fury dominated. Wilder himself also changed coach ahead of the third fight, and whilst he still lost, he was a demonstrably a better boxer compared to his prior two fights with Fury. Whilst these instances can be deemed sports coaching, coaching is transferable to beyond outside of sport. Performance coaching is a series of techniques aiming to bring about continuous improvement in an individual. One aim of coaching is to help identify and remove any inhibitions that prevent the achieving of our potential.

Trading is a profession that is often linked with coaching, as outside of key factors such as market conditions, research and luck, coaching can offer the ability for people to have increased self-awareness to see those factors and how they link more clearly. Increased self-awareness and the clarity it brings can’t be understated. I’m sure we can remember those instances of where we were able to see and articulate points much clearer, in our writing, speaking (socially or professionally) and even our decision making. Therefore coaching is something that always deserves consideration, because that can offer development both personally and professionally. Here are some reasons to consider potential coaching opportunities:

- Realign your working/personal priorities

- Change in career direction

- Improve your productivity

- Exploring your abilities

- Understand your inhibitions

Now, whilst I am advocating coaching, there are levels to it, so when picking one do your research on them, LinkedIn is always insightful. Find/Build chemistry with them and assess their emotional intelligence. In Billions there are 2 performance coaches who are used, Dr Wendy Rhoades and Dr Gus, they have rather different approaches in helping their clients. Wendy’s is much more compassionate yet still a firm approach, whereas in contrast Gus’ is more aggressive and firmer, both worked but Wendy’s appeared to be more effective. Research indicates that coaches who exhibit emotional intelligence are more effective for clients. You can even have 2 coaches follow the same template for a session, but factors such as delivery and tonality can significantly impact how well it is received. The same can be said for the art of comedy, delivery is huge, just this weekend Kim Kardashian gave an amusing SNL monologue. Some were quick to highlight that she probably received assistance with the material, but regardless her delivery of it made it funny and it’s not a given that their delivery would have. Whilst this may seem obvious, don’t seek a coach if you’re not ready to make change. Coaching is a much more probing exercise in contrast to mentorship, which is more guided. For that reason, coaching can be awkward, in my first experiences of it I certainly experienced the awkwardness of it, so brace yourself, to get comfortable being uncomfortable. In the civil service and other organisations are increasingly recognising the potential of coaching and have started to have some of the coaching methodologies implemented into the management approach of staff.

Put me in, coach, I'm ready to play today - John Fogerty (Centerfield)

If your organisation/ you get the opportunity to have a coaching session, why not? We’re set to spend a significant chunk of our lives working, this offers an opportunity to excel at it or help find a better fit. I hope this blog shed some light on what coaching can offer us, whatever level or stage we consider ourselves at. So, what are our Monday Moods? I am feeling hopeful for the week ahead. One additional recommendation as I conclude is to watch the new James Bond: No Time to Die, one of my favourites this year. A great quote from it that resonated with me was Jack London’s:

“The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.”

In line with today’s topic, a coach can offer the insights to go from merely performing okay, to performing great in all aspects of life.

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