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T2P34 – Remote Starts

Monday Motivation! Week 1 of 2021 in the books, and for me it is twofold as this also marked my first week in my new role. It’s been an interesting first week, the role certainly promises to be both interesting and stretching, which I wanted although it’s looking Mr Fantastic levels of stretching as I hit the ground. Due to the current Omicron outbreak I’ve joined the project remotely, we’re just shy of 2 years after the first instruction to work from home (WFH), and I’ve got to say for me it’s lost some allure to only WFH. In 2022 we continue to live by this new normal, but the new normal still remains a maze to navigate at times. Just today, there was yet another twist in this Djokovic saga, for today’s blog I’ll be talking about the new normal through the lens of remote starts.

COVID is seemingly not going anywhere anytime soon, living in London stepping outside usually means cash loss, this is now coupled with an increasing chance of getting COVID. Whilst the symptons appear mild, the inconvenience remains higher. Due to this the current recommendations are to WFH where possible, and whilst I am pro it, and advocate for a shift to continued hybrid work post pandemic (what a time that’ll be!). I have observed some shortfalls of remote working, and especially starting a new position purely remote, having changed positions for the 2nd time during the pandemic. One that springs to mind is the challenge of building up rapport with colleagues, this is essential for certain positions, especially project delivery where interactions are everything! Whilst MS Teams and Zoom have their many uses, they can’t always compensate in workshop settings where virtually I’ve been guilty of my mind wandering. Most people around me have also complained of having too many meetings, which can come at the expense of productivity, it’s suggested that this has increased due to the interaction time lost from no longer seeing colleagues.

This is not a WFH bashing blog, as I’ve said I’m all for it when the pendulum isn’t totally imbalanced. WFH allows for better attendance and punctuality, and when starting a new position and undergoing probation that is welcome, and I’ve not missed commuting at all. Health is wealth, and not having the commute gives us back more to our days, I’d be spending 2 and half hours on public transport travelling to my office daily, this increased time has let me go to gym more and prepare greener meals. With remote working it also allows for easier collaboration for colleagues across different offices. Despite my manager being based in North England, due to the remote tools in place we’re able to work well together miles apart. I also think an outcome of WFH is an increase in staff’s computer literacy, as it was no longer avoidable. Office working can also sometimes feel like life under surveillance, and I feel the UK already has enough CCTV in place.

Here are some tips to consider when starting a new position, in person or remotely:


My name is, What?

My name is, Who?

My name is,

Chika-chika, Slim Shady”

Eminem – My Name is

Be prepared to introduce yourself, a lot! You may not enjoy them, just remember they don’t need to be long or especially detailed but when starting a new job, in person or remotely your introduction is one of the key elements of building a first impression, so let’s make it positive! I completed the Myers Briggs personality test a few months ago, which let me know I’m extravert inclined so that is likely why I’ve focused on the interactivity lost. When starting remotely, I think it can be lost just how daunting it can be having a colleague besides us, especially for people who are going into their first jobs or first positions remotely. What have you missed the most about WFH and liked the most?

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