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T2P39 – My Worst Enemy

Monday Motivation! Happy Valentines, is love in the air today? Last week I watched Tinder Swindler and crikey! If this is what love is doing, I’ll be holding my breath. I’d highly recommend watching it, I’ve been a victim to fraud myself a few years ago, and I would not as enthusiastically recommend it. So I do share some empathy, as the perfect storm of circumstances can really have you not thinking logically. Last night also was Superbowl Sunday, and whilst it was not the highest quality football game, it entertained. Joe Burrow lost, and the disappointment was so apparent in his face, and I think in part it’s due to him knowing he wasn’t able to play to his full potential last night, a frustration we can all relate to.

This last week was not my best, I’ve been everything from tired, fatigued, to disengaged, and I can’t say I’ve been productive enough. I may have gotten the bare minimum done, but what is doing that going to ultimately achieve, not enough. The running gag in the Tinder Swindler is his ‘enemies’, and when I assess who can propel my life forward it’s me, equally I am also most capable of being my biggest enemy of progress. If I fail to ask for support, be that with my work or applications, I could be working hard, but probably harder than I need to be since I’m not working smart. Also, I think it serves well to be active when asking for help, be specific on the problem you’re having. This ensures effective help, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

At the end of the day it’s simply Me v Me, as basic as it sounds, I am responsible for most of what happens to me. Sure, I can’t change everything overnight, but that doesn’t prevent me from stopping the rut. Do you know some of your own vices? Are you able to reduce screen time? Sleep earlier/ eat healthier. These are rather generic vices, although rather applicable in my case, the Superbowl finished in the early hours of Monday for example. One of the most transformative things in life is taking accountability, it’s only taken me this many years to get to that way of thinking. Some stuff will remain out of our control but staying stuck on those things is only acting as a disservice to ourselves.

Honesty is the best policy, if you’re not already start being more honest with yourself, maybe in your phone notes or in a diary. If that doesn’t work for you, consider getting yourself an accountability partner. Having someone to hold you to account of the goals or standards that you’ve set yourself can also be hugely transformative. It certainly has helped my tenfold as I’m enjoying my best period to the gym ever! Don’t remain ignorant of your problems, you’d be shockingly surprised just how many are easily resolvable. There are 2 Sides of the penny, so whilst it wasn’t my best week, it definitely wasn’t my worst. At the same time, whilst I have the ability to be my own worst enemy, I’ve also been my own best friend. Perspective is so vital, especially to avoid that spiralling effect to a negative place, sure lousy things happened by 2 weeks into swimming and there are signs of competency! It’s also official, Notting Hill Carnival returns this year, the evil COVID has done is enough!

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