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T2P40 – If You’re Reading This It’s NOT Too Late!

Monday Motivation! Rise and shine, I know it’s late but I am just getting up from a power nap which was closer to a power sleep. It was a pretty good week last week, with it concluding with my niece's first birthday party. I have to say, a children’s party was causing as much disruption as Storm Eunice, things were flying! Storm Eunice caused some damage in my local area, which I am continuing to see the aftermath today, I did welcome the incentive to keep myself indoors. As good as the week was, that does not ensure it’ll be a good one again this week, the ball is in our courts to make that happen, if your Monday hasn’t started off the best. Rest assured, if you’re reading this it’s not too late for the week to still be good!

For today’s blog, I’ll be writing about how whilst we’re alive and well, we’ve got the time and capability to do more than we think. Be that in sports, in work or in lifestyle we’ve got the opportunity still to try out or change areas of interest. You don’t have to be built like LeBron to get into basketball, nor sir David Attenborough to begin exploring. As I’ve mentioned previously, my swimming lessons are underway, and amusingly I keep getting asked why. Besides the very obvious, why not?! My friend told me that my lessons have prompted him to look into Spanish lessons, his is getting rusty and it was a reminder that he was in a position to address that. Once I eventually (somehow) conquer swimming, I’ll be following suit and looking into taking Yoruba lessons, it seems that technology isn’t going to solve that one for me quick enough.

Have a think, what have you wanted to do or try out? From small to big, silly to serious. Is it:

  • Learning a new skill

  • Switching up your career path

  • Starting a blog

  • Try a new look

  • Shooting your shot

Those are some examples that can serve as prompts, no doubt you will have plenty of your own ideas. The time to start these things is now, it doesn’t need to be all at once, that could be counter-productive. However, in line with the blog title, it’s not too late and it’s not too early either so start researching ASAP. We’re in the golden age of information, you’d be pleasantly surprised at how much is available at reasonable prices, so get in quickly and see if you can beat inflated prices.

What’s preventing you from doing something you’d like to try? If it’s not enough money, it can be put on hold whilst you save towards it, but in the meantime research it as much as possible to prepare yourself. Is it not enough time? Something’s got to give, you’ve got to be willing to sacrifice some down time for some of these activities, they can fill that period. Waiting for the stars align could have you waiting a lifetime, be prepared to shuffle things in your calendar to make things work. If you’re concerned by a lack of experience, be willing to get creative, find ways to tailor your CV or gain transferrable experience. Ask people if they have an opportunity for you to shadow or something to that effect, take a risk so people are as willing to take a risk on you, it’s the great resignation after all.

I am not a man, I can't do this on my own So I started askin' them if they would put me on And they did put me on, yeah They did put me on – Drake – Star67

Trying out new things can feel uncomfortable, but for growth we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Last week I wrote about being our own worst enemy, finding excuses not to proceed with things such as this is another example. Let’s be our own best friend, it also might be a lot to ask but also be willing to try these things solo, remove the external pressures. There’s plenty of time to check out some of my other blogs too whilst you’re here. Let’s not take time for granted, we have one life, and there’s only so much time to live it, yesterday we lost a legend, inspiration and pioneer so young in Jamal Edwards MBE, RIP Jamal! If you’re reading this it’s not too late

Like, Share, Subscribe, Return, and let me know if you’ve got any feedback, that’s always welcome!


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