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Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

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T2P23 – White Noise

Happy Monday people! How was the past week? I hope last week’s blog served as some motivation to get on with Admin! I saw on the news...

T2P22 - Ad Hoc Admin

Happy Monday People! What better way to start our weeks with a delightful talk on administration? To be clear, not the bankrupt kind,...

T2P20 - Persistence Paradox

Monday Took the car for a drive on Tuesday Petrol light was beaming by Wednesday We were stuck queuing into Thursday and Friday and...

T2P19 - Imposter Syndrome

Monday Motivation! This last week was pretty eventful in Britain, which started with the opening of the ‘Battersea Power’ Tube Station,...

T2P17 – Burnout Blues

Monday, were back! Another rapid week in my world, has it been just as fast for everyone else? This week in the news there have been...

T2P15 – Drinks With FJ

Happy Friyay! Last Saturday morning, I found myself outside Brother’s Bakery waiting to set off on a walk with FJ, who’s the subject of...

T2P 10 – Goal Getting

Happy Friyay! Today marks the start of the Olympics and I’ll be paying attention to the Tennis (for some much needed pointers), along...

T2P6 – Job Satisfaction?

Happy Friyay! This week I restarted playing tennis and being bad is not very fun, but now I’m working on it and it certainly beats the...

T2P 4 – Working From Home

Happy Friyay! I hope we’ve been making the most of the sun in the UK this last week. I have been enjoying it when its not felt like I’m...

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